Relations Specialist

As Oxyfit’s Relations Specialist, it is my responsibility to observe overall operations and mediate between Management, Employees, Members and Contractors to ensure operations runs as smoothly as possible and mitigate friction between department factions. In addition, I advocate for Members, Employees and Management concerns to promote effective communication as well as find resolutions to escalated Member issues.

Zak has a strong background in customer service. Working with people comes naturally to him. When he comes into work he is always looking to acknowledge everyone who is in the gym and greet them with a smiling face. His passion to see others succeed allows him to be an inspiration to everyone.

Work Philosophy

“I believe EVERY person matters. Every persons voice and effort need to be nurtured and paid attention too so that it may inspire ourselves to become better.”


– Socializing / Networking

– Researching Topics / Reading

– Football

– Playing backyard sports

– Video Games (Strategy, 1st person shooter)