Nicole Chickey

Oxyfit Personal Trainer

I was playing sports ever since I could walk. My passion was always running whether it was sunny, snowing or raining I was out there. It wasn’t until high school I found my passion for fitness. As I went into my junior and senior years of high school, the younger runners would ask me for advice on their running form. It was coaching them that made me realize this was something I wanted to do when I grew up.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Science
  • CPR certified
  • TRX certified


Nicole has an upbeat, positive and enthusiastic personality that helps to create a warm and inviting environment. She has worked with a wide variety of clientele.Throughout her years of training so she can relate to every aspect.


  • Loves to take her dog for walks as well as going for long runs in the park
  • Explore new places to hike
  • Enjoys trying new recipes for dinner and lunches as well as meal prepping


“I strive to provide a high level of instruction, direction and motivation through a
strategic course of action, positive feedback and challenging program.”