Doug Freyman

Oxyfit Trainer

My background in fitness began 7 years ago when I was very overweight and out

of shape. I decided that I wanted to change that and improve my quality of life.

Throughout the next six months with a regular exercise routine and an improved diet, I

lost close to 50 pounds. I was both physically and mentally stronger and I couldn’t

believe how much better I felt. Now it is my mission to help other people make the same

positive changes in their lives.


  • Personal training certification through W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training Schools)


       – My strengths are weight loss, strength training, and mass building. I have had personal

experience and success with all three.


  • Several TV shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”
  • Playing the drums which I have been doing for 14 years.


        – My philosophy when it comes to training is to set realistic and achievable goals. Some

people can be a little overambitious with their goals which can set them up for failure if

results do not come as soon as they would like. By setting more realistically achievable

short term goals, you can be set up for success with your short term goals acting as

“checkpoints” on the way to your final long term goal.